Tiyo’s gift of health to Bengalis all over the world

Tiyo’s gift of health to Bengalis all over the world

Kolkata, June 13th: Tiyo, a Kolkata based health-tech startup, has launched its first ever Bengali portal.

This vernacular platform, which is in Bengali, is the new Tiyo Health View Bangla portal. Tiyo Health View Bangla went live last Saturday i.e., on 10th June 2017. It aims to cater to those Bengali readers who live in and out of India.

“Tiyo Health View is already very popular due to its informative and interesting content on health care. With Tiyo Health View Bangla, we plan to focus on those readers who are avid readers in Bengali. We are a Kolkata based startup and a lot of our readers are Bengali,” is what Sumana Kanshobonik, the Senior Editor of Tiyo Health View Bangla, stated when asked about her thoughts about this platform.

She added, “With this new vernacular variety, we can appeal those section of people who still looks for Bengali contents. This vernacular platform will cater to them as well.”

Tiyo Health View Bangla contains expert contents about various health-related topics, tips and tricks, podcasts in Bengali. It aims to feature interviews of the eminent healthcare and fitness professionals in the video section. The Doctor’s Column is an interesting area from where one can derive information straight from the horse’s mouth.

“We have started disseminating awareness through health contents, podcasts, Q&A Session with Doctor, campaigns. We could figure out a surge of interest for vernacular and have launched Tiyo Health View Bangla for all the Bengalis over the world. We will soon come up with other languages as well,” added Juli Paul, the General Manager of Strategic Operations, Tiyo.

“Tiyo” dreams of a healthy planet and striving hard for the fulfillment of the dream. Every language spoken throughout the globe represents a special and distinct heritage, art and culture, native food, song and dance. It is to build a healthy community, where people express their feelings and emotions with each other without any hesitation. This is exactly what Tiyo plans on portraying through this vernacular platform.

About Tiyo:

We’re developing one of its kind healthcare platform, that allows consumers to find doctors of their requirement and set appointments, get health tips & tricks, get diagnostics & physiotherapy at doorstep, can consult with the doctors from the privacy of their homes and with time can see them at Tiyo branded clinics.

The doctors in turn gets steady surge of patients to their practice and manage health records, appointments and clinic brands with the tap of their fingers.

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